Official Website of CSI Parish Kattakada, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

Official Website of CSI Parish Kattakada, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala
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Christian Endeavor Youth Fellowship


     Logo of CEYFIt is so vivid that, the presence of Christian Endeavor Youth Fellowship had empowered our parish.
     During 1930s the working of the Youth fellowship was under another title Christian Endeavor Fellowship. From time to time, the contributions of church workers sent among us by God, enriched the functioning of the Fellowship and it turned out to be a pivotal arm of the church.
     At present, the meetings of the CEYF are being held on Sunday mornings after the general worship and the Sunday School. It plays an important role in developing the creativity and leadership quality along with affirming the relationship with God. It may be noticed that the leaders of our parish from time to time emerged through the CEYF and their contributions to our parish, society and the diocese are invaluable. 
     As per our records the first secretary of CEYF in its present form was

Sh. K. Gilbert. Subsequently many eminent personalities decorated several positions in the organization at parish, district and Diocese levels and contributed at their level best. 
     They include Sh. Gnanabharanam, Sh. T. Syrus, Sh. J. Retnaraj, Sh. J John, Sh. N. Gladstone, Sh. Oliver Austin, Sh. B. Edwin, Sh. M. F. Dixonraj, Sh. A. Jose Kumar, Sh. D. Mohan Das, Sh. Shibu Justus, Sh. J. Justin Javert, Sh. C. V. Pramod Kumar C V, Sh. Prasanth G William, Sh. T.O. Ratheesh Kumar, Sh. S. Saji, Sh. G. R. Binu, Sh. Deepesh Edwin, Sh. E. Shibi, Sh. E. Raju, Sh. V. G. Shine, Shmt. G. R. Shyni, Sh. Darvin Raj etc..

The Office-bearers of our CEYF for 2016 are; President - Rev. R.S. Suresh Kumar, Vice President: Shibi Das. Secretary: Binoy R. Geoffrey, Accountant: Rahul .R., Treasurer: Nitheesh CN., Committee Members: Anu, Ninil Sasi, Praveen Raj, Sinu Sathyan, Anisha, District Representatives: Darwin Raj, Sathya Reji. Suni S, Sinu sathyan. Church Committee Representatives: Binu G R, Jeevan S Joy

     Our fellowship- the backbone of our parish-, glorify the name of our Lord through multifaceted activities. The motto of CEYF is “Study, Service, Worship”. The different activities of our fellowship justify this motto:building home for the poor, renovating houses of the poor, giving financial assistance to the deserving members for their education and girls for their marriage, visiting those who are suffering from illness, visiting jail, equipping the youth members to perform well in competitive exams and to give awareness regarding different openings at governmental and nongovernmental level.
     As the part of spreading the gospel among society, our fellowship proclaims the message of Christ’s birth and resurrection in the society by means of decorated float on the eve (previous night) of the festival, arranging gospel Conventions, visiting bed ridden people and organizing cottage prayer meetings.
     In order to encourage the creative mind of the youth, an annual manuscript is being published. Known earlier as “Kraisthav Kusumam”, its present title is “Spandanam”. Our fellowship also owns a Library enriched by Christian publications and books.
A career guidance class is being arranged by the CEYF every Sunday11.30 am onwards at our parish. Several members benefited by this class which was started in the year 2003. Inspired by this the classes are being carried out by eminent faculty members to help the new generation acquire awareness about various competitive examinations and obtain placements in several government departments and organizations.

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