Official Website of CSI Parish Kattakada, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

Official Website of CSI Parish Kattakada, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala
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Vicars from 1900 to 1950

5. Evg. Y. Joshua

20/09/1900 to 04/09/1924

This tall man hailing from Paraniam near Kanjiramkulam has the record of serving for the longest period in this parish. He worked consistently for the improvement of the church and the believers. He was a guide in spiritual as well as temporal matters for all the people. The Sunday School and the Women’s Fellowship commenced functioning in our church during his time. In this period, S/s Mathai (Mullamkuzhi), Vedamuthan (Thottampara), M. Daniel (Kanthala), Theerthus (Manalivila), Nallathampi (kanthala), C. Dennison (Navamcode), M. Vedamanickam (Pallivila) and W.N. Pradeepam (Church Secretary) were the Committee Memebers.  
6. Evg. Yona 04/09/1924 to 04/09/1928 He was a native of Kareechal. The constructions of the present church building commenced during his time. The foundation stone for the building was laid down by Rev. Arthur Parker on 24.10.1927. The wood and furniture used for the old shed were used for building a new school in the church premises, and the church services were conducted within this school till the completion of the new building. He bestowed his attention in conducting the activities of the school on a systematic manner. His leadership gave a new vigour to the people, especially in the field of education. S/s Vedamuthan (Thottampara), M. Daniel, U. Nalla Thampi, A. Vedamanickam, C. Daniel, W.N. Pradeepam and Theerthus served as Committee Members during this time.  
7. Evg. M. Enose 04/09/1928 to 30/06/1930 This native of Neyyattinkara served as the church worker as well as Kattakada Circle Chairman. During his time, the construction work of the church building continued. The Sunday School achieved considerable progress. He took action to do necessary documentation of the land adjoining the church. S/s V. Vedamanickam, U. Nalla Thampi, M. Daniel, C. Daniel, Kuthiravan Vedamuthan, K. Yakob and V. Azariah served as Committee Memebers during this time.  
8. Evg. B.A. Titus 01/07/1930 to 31/12/1934 He was a member of Paraniam parish. He took earnest efforts to complte the construction of church building. It was completed and consecrated on 29th October, 1933 by Rev. Arnold Henry Legg. Shri. N. Nalla Thampi Pradeepam served as the building contractor. Evg. Titus improved the functioning of the church choir. He also introduced the system of the Christmas Carol visiting the houses. The system of believers submitting offertory on the table during the Christmas worship was introduced during his time. S/s Vedamuthan, Daniel, Vedamanickam, Nalla Thampi, C. Daniel, Daaveed, Yoshua, Preacher Santhan, Eliazar and W.N. Pradeepam served as Committee Memebers.  
9. T. Gnana Sikhamani Shylem 01/01/1935 to 03/11/1936 He was a native of Neyyattinkara. During his time, a bronze bell was brought from Nagercoil for the use during the church services. Soon afterwards, he fell ill and passed away on 03.11.1935. The bell consecrated during his time was used for the first time during his funeral. He was buried in the church cemetery. S/s Vedamuthan, Daniel, Vedamanickam, Daaveed, C. Daniel, W.N. Pradeepam and Eliazar served as Committe Members.  
10. I. Gabriel 28/06/1937 to 14/03/1943 He was a native of Neyyattinkara. He constructed the compound wall in front of the parish building. An expert in treating poisonous snake bites, he lived a simple life and was a friend of the poor people in the society. S/s Vedamuthan, Daniel, Vedamanickam, B. Daaveed, V. Daaveed, J. Thimathios, J. Eliazar U. Nalla Thampi, V. Azaria, D. Joseph (Church Secretary), K. Yakob, N. Thomas, T. Stephanos, J. Titus (Church Secretary), J. George, Y. Kunjan, J. Danam (Church Secretary) were the Committee Members during his time. He served as a fully ordained priest in our parish for a second term (1952-56).  
11. Rev. J. Nalla Thampi 14/03/1943 to 06/10/1952 He was a member of Thozhukal parish. He was ordained a Presbyter on 03-12-1943, while working as an Evangelist in our parish. Thus, he became the first Presbyter in our parish. He also functioned as the Kattakada Circle Chairman. The transmission of SIUC into CSI happened while he was the church worker in our parish. Rev. Nalla Thampi worked hard for the spiritual as well as temporal progress of the parish. He got the construction of a mission house completed for the parish, constructed the steps in front of the church building and paved the floors with beautiful tiles. The parish got new benches and cupboards during his service time. He was an ardent believer in the power of prayer and a proficient preacher. His second son Rev. N. Joseph also served in our parish from 1982-1987. Rev. Nalla Thampi passed away on 16-08-1953. During his time, S/s B, Daveed, K. Yakoob, V. Azariah J. George, Y. Kunjan, J. Danam (Church Secretary), D. Titus, I. Mosa, J. Titus, M. Devadasan, J. Thimathios and Kunjan (Church Secretary) served as Committee Members. Rev. J. Nalla Thampi