Official Website of CSI Parish Kattakada, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

Official Website of CSI Parish Kattakada, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala
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Vicars from 2000

28 Rev. R. Swamidas 12-05-2002 to 01-05-2007  Rev. Swamidas took initiative to renovate the old parsonage. The Triple Jubilee Celebrations of our parish were held in the year 2006. To commemorate this occasion, the foundation stone of the Triple Jubilee Memorial Hall was laid in March 2006 by Bishop of the South Kerala Diocese, Rt. Rev. J.W. Gladstone.  
29 Rev. Sabu P. Roy

01-05-2003 to 01-05-2008

 Subsequent to the transfer of Rev. E. Devarajan, Evg. Sabu P. Roy took charge as the Asst. Church Worker. He was ordained a priest on 15-05-2005.  
30 Rev. M.R. Sathaydas Prasad 01-05-2007 to 01-05-2012 He is a native of Peringammala, near Balaramapuram. His tenure in our parish witnessed an un-precedented increase in the level of humanitarian activities and support to missionaries. He exhorted the young people to donate the first salary in employment for the purpose of missionary activities. It received a tremendous response and the number of missionaries sponsored by our parish increased. His exhortation to give for the glory of God had positive response from all sections of people. As a result, the collections from auctions and Christmas carol increased manifold. The income by means of monthly subscription also recorded considerable increase. The construction of the Triple Jubilee Memorial Hall was commenced and completed during his time. The old benches in the church were replaced with new rest-back benches. He took active interest in the development and up-keep of the cemetery. The Senior Citizens’ Fellowship was established in our parish. The practice of Ward Conventions started during his time. It gave an opportunity to the local laity to take an active part in the affairs of the parish.
31 Rev. Biju

01-05-2008 to 01-05-2009


A native of Venkulam near Nellimood, he had his theological education completed from Kerala United Theoloical College, Kannammola. He was ordained a priest while serving in CSI Parasuvakkal. Subseqently, he was transferred to our parish and served here for one year. Thereafter, he was transferred to CSI Chenkal.

32 Rev.Shaji John

01-05-2009 to 01-05-2014

He served in our parish as Associate Vicar during the time of Rev. M.R. Sathyadas Prasad and Rev. Devaprasad. He took active leadership in all development activities carried out in his time.

 Rev. S. K. Shaji John
33 Rev. T. Devaprasad

01-05-2012 to 01-05-2014

A computer room was constrcted in the old comiittee office, during his time. This office is now functioning as the Palliative Care Clinic. He has got dedicated 8 new missionaries in a short span of time and completed the formalities to sponsor 5 others. The renovation of the Altar and the Vestry has been the most comprehensive develoment project carried out in our parish so far. The publication monthly bullettin “Church News” began in this time. The official website of the parish was launched with a view to establish contact with our parish members who live far away from their homeland.

 Rev. T. Devaprasad
34 Rev. K.P. Mohan Das

01-05-2014 to 01-05-2015

Five missionaries were dedicated in May 2014. With this, the number of missionaries sponsored by our parish rose to 20. The Palliative Care Clinic in our campus was opened by the South Kerala Diocese on 16th November, 2014. The Palliative Care Unit in our parish was registered under the Travancore – Cochin Charitable Societies Act.

Rev. K. P. Mohandas
35 Rev. R. Shibu

01-05-2014 to 01-05-2015

A native of Mayam near Amboori, he worked as Associate Vicar in our parish during the time of Rev. K.P. Mohan Das. He was actively involved in the works of the parish, especially the CEYF. He also took keen interest in the activities of the Palliative Care Unit.

Rev. R. Shibu
35 Rev. R.S. Suresh Kumar

01-05-2015 to 30-04-2016

The able leadership of Rev. Suresh Kumar, has enabled us to implement a lot of projects for the progress of our parish and people. He was the first Vicar in our parish to visit all the houses affiliated to our parish, after a long time. A permanent Development Committee was formed. A master plan for the comprehensive development of our campus has been prepared by this committee and the priority areas were identified. A portion of the road around the church building has been paved with inter-locked tales. Church Choir has been modernised with uniforms after the Anglican fashion. New microphones and sound system have been procured for the Choir. To accommodate the increasing number of believers who come for worship, two Sunday Services have been introduced successfully. The Career Guidance programme in our parish has been renovated with the active participation of Rev. Saji N. Stewert, Associate Vicar. The Kattakada Union Convention, which has not been held for some years, has been resumed, only because of his determination and will power.

 Rev. Suresh Kumar