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Official Website of CSI Parish Kattakada, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala
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Former Vicars

Up to 1900

1. Preacher Shri. John William 1855-1870 He served in our church during the initial phases of our parish. His services helped the believers stay steadfast in their new faith. In a time marked by superstitions and evil social practices, his services helped us strive against all oppositions. Our thankful hearts pay homage to the memories of the first soldier of Christ who served amongst us.  
2. Preacher Shri. Lukose 1870-1891 This humble warrior of faith who was born and brought up in Manaveli near Nellikakuzhi was a man of visions. He helped the people advance in the field of education and knowledge.  
3. Preacher Shri. Mosa Walsalam Shasthri 1891- It is a matter of pride for all of us that this multi-faceted personality served in our parish on his initial appointment after theological education from Nagercoil Seminary. He later became famous as a musician, singer, lyricist, poet and theologian. He was a multi-linguist who had deep knowledge in Malayalam, Tamil, English and Hindi. He used to handle many musical instruments with proficiency. His knowledge in classical Carnatic music impressed everybody, including the then Maharaja of Travancore. He also had knowledge in classical western music and Hindustani music, as is revealed from his compositions. His lyrics and hymns are being used in Sunday services by the CSI Church and the Marthoma Church all over Kerala. He was also an excellent painter. The most important works of Mosa Walsalam include Dhyana Malika, Geetha Manjari, Christu Charitham, Mosa Natakam, etc. Impressed by his knowledge and talents, the Bishop of the Marthoma Church bestowed him the title “Shasthri”. Soon, his fame spread far and wide. Sri Moolam Thirunal, the Maharaja of Travancore wished to hear him singing, and thus, he was summoned to the Travancore Court. The Maharaja of the country listened to his music for more than an hour, with interest and curiosity. It was the first occasion when hymns in praise of Christ were sung in classical style in the royal court of Travancore. Then onwards, he is known as “ the Singer of the Royal Court”.  
4. Preacher M. Isaac -1900 He was born and brought up as the son of Shri. Mathai and Smt. Maria of Nellikakuzhi parish. During his time, he encouraged migration of people to Nadukani and Kattakode area. This period witnessed un-precedented challenges and oppositions, which were tided over by the Church and its people under his guidance.  


Vicars from 1900 to 1950

5. Evg. Y. Joshua

20/09/1900 to 04/09/1924

This tall man hailing from Paraniam near Kanjiramkulam has the record of serving for the longest period in this parish. He worked consistently for the improvement of the church and the believers. He was a guide in spiritual as well as temporal matters for all the people. The Sunday School and the Women’s Fellowship commenced functioning in our church during his time. In this period, S/s Mathai (Mullamkuzhi), Vedamuthan (Thottampara), M. Daniel (Kanthala), Theerthus (Manalivila), Nallathampi (kanthala), C. Dennison (Navamcode), M. Vedamanickam (Pallivila) and W.N. Pradeepam (Church Secretary) were the Committee Memebers.  
6. Evg. Yona 04/09/1924 to 04/09/1928 He was a native of Kareechal. The constructions of the present church building commenced during his time. The foundation stone for the building was laid down by Rev. Arthur Parker on 24.10.1927. The wood and furniture used for the old shed were used for building a new school in the church premises, and the church services were conducted within this school till the completion of the new building. He bestowed his attention in conducting the activities of the school on a systematic manner. His leadership gave a new vigour to the people, especially in the field of education. S/s Vedamuthan (Thottampara), M. Daniel, U. Nalla Thampi, A. Vedamanickam, C. Daniel, W.N. Pradeepam and Theerthus served as Committee Members during this time.  
7. Evg. M. Enose 04/09/1928 to 30/06/1930 This native of Neyyattinkara served as the church worker as well as Kattakada Circle Chairman. During his time, the construction work of the church building continued. The Sunday School achieved considerable progress. He took action to do necessary documentation of the land adjoining the church. S/s V. Vedamanickam, U. Nalla Thampi, M. Daniel, C. Daniel, Kuthiravan Vedamuthan, K. Yakob and V. Azariah served as Committee Memebers during this time.  
8. Evg. B.A. Titus 01/07/1930 to 31/12/1934 He was a member of Paraniam parish. He took earnest efforts to complte the construction of church building. It was completed and consecrated on 29th October, 1933 by Rev. Arnold Henry Legg. Shri. N. Nalla Thampi Pradeepam served as the building contractor. Evg. Titus improved the functioning of the church choir. He also introduced the system of the Christmas Carol visiting the houses. The system of believers submitting offertory on the table during the Christmas worship was introduced during his time. S/s Vedamuthan, Daniel, Vedamanickam, Nalla Thampi, C. Daniel, Daaveed, Yoshua, Preacher Santhan, Eliazar and W.N. Pradeepam served as Committee Memebers.  
9. T. Gnana Sikhamani Shylem 01/01/1935 to 03/11/1936 He was a native of Neyyattinkara. During his time, a bronze bell was brought from Nagercoil for the use during the church services. Soon afterwards, he fell ill and passed away on 03.11.1935. The bell consecrated during his time was used for the first time during his funeral. He was buried in the church cemetery. S/s Vedamuthan, Daniel, Vedamanickam, Daaveed, C. Daniel, W.N. Pradeepam and Eliazar served as Committe Members.  
10. I. Gabriel 28/06/1937 to 14/03/1943 He was a native of Neyyattinkara. He constructed the compound wall in front of the parish building. An expert in treating poisonous snake bites, he lived a simple life and was a friend of the poor people in the society. S/s Vedamuthan, Daniel, Vedamanickam, B. Daaveed, V. Daaveed, J. Thimathios, J. Eliazar U. Nalla Thampi, V. Azaria, D. Joseph (Church Secretary), K. Yakob, N. Thomas, T. Stephanos, J. Titus (Church Secretary), J. George, Y. Kunjan, J. Danam (Church Secretary) were the Committee Members during his time. He served as a fully ordained priest in our parish for a second term (1952-56).  
11. Rev. J. Nalla Thampi 14/03/1943 to 06/10/1952 He was a member of Thozhukal parish. He was ordained a Presbyter on 03-12-1943, while working as an Evangelist in our parish. Thus, he became the first Presbyter in our parish. He also functioned as the Kattakada Circle Chairman. The transmission of SIUC into CSI happened while he was the church worker in our parish. Rev. Nalla Thampi worked hard for the spiritual as well as temporal progress of the parish. He got the construction of a mission house completed for the parish, constructed the steps in front of the church building and paved the floors with beautiful tiles. The parish got new benches and cupboards during his service time. He was an ardent believer in the power of prayer and a proficient preacher. His second son Rev. N. Joseph also served in our parish from 1982-1987. Rev. Nalla Thampi passed away on 16-08-1953. During his time, S/s B, Daveed, K. Yakoob, V. Azariah J. George, Y. Kunjan, J. Danam (Church Secretary), D. Titus, I. Mosa, J. Titus, M. Devadasan, J. Thimathios and Kunjan (Church Secretary) served as Committee Members. Rev. J. Nalla Thampi


Vicars from 1953 to 2000


12. Rev. V. Gabriel, BA 06/10/1952 to 15/04/1956 He was a former government servant who resigned his job for the Lord’s ministry. While he was the Presbyter, the electrification of the church building was completed. The northern compound wall adjacent to the church hall was also constructed in this period. Further, he paid his attention for the educational progress of the younger generation. The Church Committee during his time included S/s B, Daveed, M. Devadasan, V. Azariah J. George, K. Yakoob, I. Mosa, J. Danam, J. Sethu, J. Thimathios and Y. Kunjan (Church Secretary).  
13. Rev. I. Gabriel 15/04/1956 to 02/06/1964

He was the same person who served as an Evangelist in our parish from 1936-43. He was ordained as Presbyter while serving in Venganoor parish. He commenced the work of the portico of the church building. He took the initial efforts to build new parishes in Anacode and Bethanipuram, as the District Chairman. He passed away on 05-12-1972. The Church Committee during his time included S/s M. Devadasan, V. Azariah, J. Danam, J. Sethu, J. Thimathios D. Titus, K. Yakoob and Y. Kunjan (Church Secretary).

Rev. Gabriel I.
14. Rev. L. John, BA, B.Th 02/06/1964 to 28/06/1970 He was a native of Thozhukal. During his time, the construction of the portico of the church building was completed. His able leadership proved to be the most important aspect in establishing the Christian College in Kattakada in 1965 by CSI South Kerala Diocese. He worked hard day and night to procure 25 acres of land for the College. In this endeavour, S/s J. Danam, J. Thimathios D. Titus and Y. Kunjan provided ample support to the Vicar. The establishment of the College provided a new vigour to the activities of the CSI as a whole and our parish in particular. Rupees Twenty Five thousand was collected from the parish members as liberal donations for commencement of the College and the amount was handed over to the Diocese. Rev. John founded the Poor Fund in our parish. The initial capital of the Fund was Rs. 4000. In course of time, it turned out to be the most efficient arm of the parish through which we can reach out to the neediest amongst us. S/s M. Devadasan, J. Danam, J. Thimathios, J. Danam, V. Azariah, K. Yakob, D. Titus and Y. Kunjan (Secretary) were the Church Committee members during this time. Rev. L. John
15. Rev. D.P. Godwin, MA,BD 28/06/1970 to 31/08/1974 A member of Nellikakuzhi parish, he was an excellent orator and an active church worker. During his time, the construction of the church hall (old) was completed at its present form. A microphone set and its accessories were procured for the church use. He paid special attention to the overall development of the youth. He had a divine skill in mingling with the common people. He used to visit all houses in the church’s fold, which made him much popular. The people belonging to the elder generation may consider his period as the Golden Age in the history of Kattakada parish. S/s J. Danam, J. Thimathios, V. Azariah, K. Yakob, D. Titus, D. Uthariamuth and Y. Kunjan (Secretary) were the Church Committee members during this time. Rev. D.P.Godwin
16. Rev. M.J. Wilson, MA.BD 31/08/1974 to 30/04/1978

He was a member of Chani parish. When he held the charge of our parish, the parish in Bathanipuram received his support as the District Chairman. This parish, which was in its infancy found this a divine blessing. During his time, the parsonage was equipped with water connection. He organised convention meetings which led to a spiritual awakening in the area. During his period, Evg. H. Sathyanesan (12-06-1977 to 6-05-1979) worked as his Assistant Church worker. Also, when he was on a vacation for higher studies on social service, Rev. J. Thomson L.Th (08-07-1976 to 10-10-1976) held the charge of this parish for a short period. S/s J. Danam, J. Thimathios, V. Azariah, K. Yakob, D. Titus, D. Uthariamuth, D. Nelson, G. Selvanose, E. Christaphor, I. Johnson and Y. Kunjan (Secretary) were the Church Committee members during this time.

During his time, there occurred a great spurt in our social initiatives in 1978, when the Nadukani Project was inaugurated under the aegis of CSI, SKD. The project undertook a large number of development initiatives, including a co-operative society of milk producers. Vocational training was imparted in hybridisation of cattle/live stock and scientific methods of rubber tapping. Both these trainings opened new avenues of occupation, as they were new in the region.

Rev. M.J. Wilson
17. Rev. J. Thomson L.Th 08/07/1976 to 10/10/1976 He held the charge of our parish during the time when Rev. M.J. Wilson was deputed by the Diocese for higher studies in social work. He was a native of Maruthur. This priest of calm nature led a life of prayer. Rev. J. Thompson
18. Evg. H Sathyanesan 12/06j.1977 to 06/05/1979 He served in our parish as an evangelist when Rev. MJ Wilson was the Vicar. He was active in various spheres of church service. He as a native of Nellimoodu  
19. Rev. L. Evanzar Sahanam, MA, BD 30/04/1978 to 01/05/1982 He was a native of Nellikakuzhi. During his time, many facilities were added to the church hall. He worked hard for the establishment of Pantha CSI parish. He took necessary action to renovate the electrical wiring to the parish building and the parsonage. This young vicar’s dynamic leadership helped our parish achieve new eights in its history. Humble and selfless, his example by living inspired the young generation to work hard. He took keen interest in nurturing various arms of the church such as CEYF and Sunday School. S/s V. Azariah, J. Thimathios, D. Nelson, G. Selvanose, E. Christaphor, D. Uthariamuth, I. Johnson, K. Yakob, E. Selina Bai, V. Jenibel Resanjam and Y. Kunjan (Secretary) were the Church Committee members during this time. Rev. L. Evanzar Sahanam
20. Evg. M Eliaser 06/05/1979 to 30/04/1981 He served as an evangelist in our parish during the time when  Rev L E Sahanam was the vicar. He provided an active leadership in all activities of the parish. He took interest in visiting all houses affiliated to the parish.  
21 Rev. N.Joseph 01/05/1982 to 01/05/1987 Rev. N. Joseph01-05-1982 to 01-05-1987He was the second son of our former vicar Rev. J. Nalla Thampi (14-03-1943 to 06-10-1952) and his family lineage belonged to Thozhukal parish. He secured the property of the church with proper fencing and compound wall on all directions. The practice of celebrating Church Day was started during his time. The history of the parish was compiled with great effort and the first souvenir was published in 1983. The practice of felicitating students who secured colourful success in various examinations started during his time. It encouraged two generations excelling in their studies. He also got constructed the two wings of the parish building, in order to accommodate the increasing number of believers in each worship. S/s V. Azariah, J. Thimathios, D. Nelson, G. Selvanose, E. Christaphor, D. Uthariamuth, I. Johnson, K. Yakob, E. Selina Bai, V. Jenibel Resanjam and Y. Kunjan (Secretary) were the Church Committee members during this time. Rev. N. Joseph
22 Rev. D. Wilson 01-05-1987 to 02-06-1992 During his time, the vessels required for the Church Hall were procured. The Hall was renovated and it was fitted with grills. Shri. V. Azaria, who served as the sexton (kapyar) for more than 65 years retired from his service. Sh. Wills Raj, the present sexton took charge. S/s Prof. William Das, J. Retnaraj, S. Thomson, S. Isaac, K. Stanley John, I. Johnson, V. Azaria, Kamala Sulochanabai, E. Selinabai, E. Christopher (Accountant) and D. Utharia Muth (Secretary) were the Church Committee members during this time.  
23 Rev. D. Kesari 02-06-1992 to 30-05-1997 He took initiatives to start a Sunday School and temporary centre of worship in Kaduvanadi. A sub-committee with S/s E. Christopher, S. Isaac and I. Johnson was formed for this purpose. The money required for procuring 5 cents of land was allotted from the church funds. Shri. N. John was deputed to our parish as a Probationary Evangelist on 10-01-1993. He was given the charge of the Kaduvanady centre. When he was transferred to CSI Anacode, Evg. Gladston Samas was appointed in his place with effect from 01-06-1995. Later, he was ordained a priest while serving here. The system of Endowment Funds was started with the institution of Dr. Boel William Endowment. Internal audit was introduced for the first time during his time. The construction of the new parsonage commenced during his time. During his time, the Church Committee included S/s Javert G. Walsan, S. Isaac, J. Retnaraj, S. Thomson, K. Stanley John, I. Johnson, A. Lazar, V. Jenibel Rasanjam, E. Christopher (Accountant) and D. Utharia Muth (Secretary).  
24 Rev. N John 10-01-1993 to 01-06-1995 He was appointed as probationer in our parish after theological education. He was entrusted the charge of Kaduvanadi Sunday School. He disposed his duties in an exemplary manner. He was transferred to anacode parish. He was ordained later and is at present the secretary to pastoral board, South Kerala Dioccese.  
25 Rev. Gladstone Samas 01-06-1995 to 15-01-1998 He served our parish during the periods of Rev. D Kesari and Rev. Y Kunjappy Yesudas. He also held the charge of Kaduvanadi Sunday School. During his time the Sunday School developed into a full fledged parish. It was dedicated by Rt. Rev. Dr. J W Gladstone, the former Bishop of South Kerala Diocese.  
26 Rev. Y. Kunjappi 30-05-1997 to 12-05-2002

He formed a choir committee to ensure the participation of the parish choir in marriages of the parish members. He also reconstructed the family register devoiding it of the anomalies and updated its information. He formed a sub-committee to ensure humanitarian assistance to a needy family in Puthuvakkal.

The Church in Kaduvandy was inaugurated on 12-04-1998 by the then Bishop, Rt. Rev. JW Gladston.  Kaduvanady Sunday School became a full-fledged parish. Rev. Kunjappi started the practice of giving mass communion to bedridden patients at their home. A single phase power generator was purchased for our parish. The construction of the new parsonage was completed and the same was consecrated. A bell tower was constructed in front of the Church and it was equipped with a new bell. An offertory chest was constructed on the compound wall in front of the parish. In this period, S/s V.K. Edward, B. Bright Singh, Shibu Justus, R. Vimal Raj, A. Jose Kumar, E. Vijaya Raj, R. Dickson Raj, Dr. S.Y. Rasiya Mani, L. Daisi, P. Vijayan (Accountant) and E. Christopher (Secretary) were the parish committee members.
Rev. Y. Kunjappi
27 Rev. E. Devarajan

01-05-1998 to 01-05-2003

 Following the transfer of Rev. Gladston Samas on 15-01- 1998, Evg. E. Devarajan took the charge of our Asst. Church Worker on 03-05-1998. He was ordained a priest while serving in our church.  


Vicars from 2000

28 Rev. R. Swamidas 12-05-2002 to 01-05-2007  Rev. Swamidas took initiative to renovate the old parsonage. The Triple Jubilee Celebrations of our parish were held in the year 2006. To commemorate this occasion, the foundation stone of the Triple Jubilee Memorial Hall was laid in March 2006 by Bishop of the South Kerala Diocese, Rt. Rev. J.W. Gladstone.  
29 Rev. Sabu P. Roy

01-05-2003 to 01-05-2008

 Subsequent to the transfer of Rev. E. Devarajan, Evg. Sabu P. Roy took charge as the Asst. Church Worker. He was ordained a priest on 15-05-2005.  
30 Rev. M.R. Sathaydas Prasad 01-05-2007 to 01-05-2012 He is a native of Peringammala, near Balaramapuram. His tenure in our parish witnessed an un-precedented increase in the level of humanitarian activities and support to missionaries. He exhorted the young people to donate the first salary in employment for the purpose of missionary activities. It received a tremendous response and the number of missionaries sponsored by our parish increased. His exhortation to give for the glory of God had positive response from all sections of people. As a result, the collections from auctions and Christmas carol increased manifold. The income by means of monthly subscription also recorded considerable increase. The construction of the Triple Jubilee Memorial Hall was commenced and completed during his time. The old benches in the church were replaced with new rest-back benches. He took active interest in the development and up-keep of the cemetery. The Senior Citizens’ Fellowship was established in our parish. The practice of Ward Conventions started during his time. It gave an opportunity to the local laity to take an active part in the affairs of the parish.
31 Rev. Biju

01-05-2008 to 01-05-2009


A native of Venkulam near Nellimood, he had his theological education completed from Kerala United Theoloical College, Kannammola. He was ordained a priest while serving in CSI Parasuvakkal. Subseqently, he was transferred to our parish and served here for one year. Thereafter, he was transferred to CSI Chenkal.

32 Rev.Shaji John

01-05-2009 to 01-05-2014

He served in our parish as Associate Vicar during the time of Rev. M.R. Sathyadas Prasad and Rev. Devaprasad. He took active leadership in all development activities carried out in his time.

 Rev. S. K. Shaji John
33 Rev. T. Devaprasad

01-05-2012 to 01-05-2014

A computer room was constrcted in the old comiittee office, during his time. This office is now functioning as the Palliative Care Clinic. He has got dedicated 8 new missionaries in a short span of time and completed the formalities to sponsor 5 others. The renovation of the Altar and the Vestry has been the most comprehensive develoment project carried out in our parish so far. The publication monthly bullettin “Church News” began in this time. The official website of the parish was launched with a view to establish contact with our parish members who live far away from their homeland.

 Rev. T. Devaprasad
34 Rev. K.P. Mohan Das

01-05-2014 to 01-05-2015

Five missionaries were dedicated in May 2014. With this, the number of missionaries sponsored by our parish rose to 20. The Palliative Care Clinic in our campus was opened by the South Kerala Diocese on 16th November, 2014. The Palliative Care Unit in our parish was registered under the Travancore – Cochin Charitable Societies Act.

Rev. K. P. Mohandas
35 Rev. R. Shibu

01-05-2014 to 01-05-2015

A native of Mayam near Amboori, he worked as Associate Vicar in our parish during the time of Rev. K.P. Mohan Das. He was actively involved in the works of the parish, especially the CEYF. He also took keen interest in the activities of the Palliative Care Unit.

Rev. R. Shibu
35 Rev. R.S. Suresh Kumar

01-05-2015 to 30-04-2016

The able leadership of Rev. Suresh Kumar, has enabled us to implement a lot of projects for the progress of our parish and people. He was the first Vicar in our parish to visit all the houses affiliated to our parish, after a long time. A permanent Development Committee was formed. A master plan for the comprehensive development of our campus has been prepared by this committee and the priority areas were identified. A portion of the road around the church building has been paved with inter-locked tales. Church Choir has been modernised with uniforms after the Anglican fashion. New microphones and sound system have been procured for the Choir. To accommodate the increasing number of believers who come for worship, two Sunday Services have been introduced successfully. The Career Guidance programme in our parish has been renovated with the active participation of Rev. Saji N. Stewert, Associate Vicar. The Kattakada Union Convention, which has not been held for some years, has been resumed, only because of his determination and will power.

 Rev. Suresh Kumar