Official Website of CSI Parish Kattakada, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

Official Website of CSI Parish Kattakada, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala
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Welcome to the Official Website of CSI Kattakada

A parish is the epitome and symbol of Christian love and fellowship. It was the divine will to found this parish in the heart of a small town which is growing rapidly. Our church and the laity could exercise a great influence on all shades of life in the society we live. The present generation strives hard to uphold this heritage and hand it over to the posterity.    

The CSI Parish in Kattakada was established in 1846 by the pioneering missionary Rev. John Cox.  It is one of the biggest parishes in South Kerala Diocese with more than 650 families in its fold. 

    Over the years our Parish has served the society in many meaningful ways and has been a powerful instrument in social and educational development

News and Events

Bishop Samuel Amritham Passes Away

Rt. Rev. Dr. Samuel Amritham, former Bishop of the CSI, South Kerala Diocese has passed away today (26th September, 2017) at his residence. He is a native of Cheruvarakkonam, near Parassala in southern Kerala.

The funeral service will be conducted in Abbas Memorial CSI Church Cemetery, Cherucarakonam, at 3.30 PM on September 29.  

Bishop Amritham had a vision that the Christian mission should be benfcial to the entire society. His liberal attitude towards the other Christian denominations helped reach a concesus with the other denominations – especially different Catholic and Protestant groups – which enabled marriage between members of various Churches possible. Similarly, many youngmen, in their enthusiasm to work for Gospel from an indeoendent platform, had left the Church’s fold in the 80s. The Bishop persuaded them to retrun to the Chrcuh and continue their mission even while being a part of the Church.

            The Bishop had a liking for western music. He took the lead to form mass choirs across the South Kerala Diocese. Special mention should be made of the support he received from his native church, CSI, Cheruvarakonam. He was suffering from age related health problems for the last few years. He expressed keen interest to hear recitations by various church choirs, even while being bed-ridden. Our parish choir also got a rare opportunity to recite before him on the day of his last birthday.

Rt. Rev. Dr. Samuel Amritham, who succeded Most rev. I. Jesudasan as the Bishop of our Dioces, continue to play a leadership role in the World Church Council (WCC). He was director of the Programme on Theological Education and Director of the Ecumenical Institute, Bossey of the WCC 1980-1990. 

Though he retired from active service on 19th August 1997, he continued to give guidance to the Diocese as well the society, as a whole.

 The departure of Rt. Rev. Dr. Samuel Amritham is an irrepeairable loss to the society snd the Church. CSI Kattakada share the grief of the bereaved family and the entire CSI fraternity.