Official Website of CSI Parish Kattakada, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

Official Website of CSI Parish Kattakada, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala
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Welcome to the Official Website of CSI Kattakada

A parish is the epitome and symbol of Christian love and fellowship. It was the divine will to found this parish in the heart of a small town which is growing rapidly. Our church and the laity could exercise a great influence on all shades of life in the society we live. The present generation strives hard to uphold this heritage and hand it over to the posterity.    

The CSI Parish in Kattakada was established in 1846 by the pioneering missionary Rev. John Cox.  It is one of the biggest parishes in South Kerala Diocese with more than 650 families in its fold. 

    Over the years our Parish has served the society in many meaningful ways and has been a powerful instrument in social and educational development

News and Events

Announcements and Activities as on 31.07.2016

For more information, please contact Rev. C.R. Vincent, Vicar (Mobile 9446850066) or Rev. Saji N. Stewart, Asst. Vicar (Mob. 8281620414).



  1. Annual General Body : The Annual General Body (Thirusabhaa Yogam) of our parish for this year has been held on 17th July under the Presidency of Rev. C.R. Vincent.  Rev. Saji N. Stewart, Asst. Vicar has been present. The Church Accountant Shri. Binu G.R. has presented the Budget for this financial year. The budget which anticipates an income and expense of Rs. 55,00,000 has been passed by the General Body.
  2. Ward Convention: The 21st Ward Convention in our parish has been conducted on 24th July at the courtyard of Shri. Justin Joy (Kuzhalar) focusing on 1st Ward. Both the Presbyters in our parish have led the services and Rev. N. Mishiha Das (CSI Chaykottukonam) has delivered the sermon.
  3. English Liturgy: An booklet containing the order of ordinary worship, short order of service for Holy Eucharist, selected hymns and selected psalms has been prepared for use during English services in our parish. The order of ordinary worship has been prepared on the model of the Malayalam order of worship being used in South Kerala Diocese. A short description has been included alongside each song. The booklet has been prepared by Wilfred Raj under the supervision of our Presbyters. The first Holy Eucharist service in English has been conducted in our parish on 31st July. Holy Eucharist service will be conducted in English during the first service on the fifth Sunday of the moth. Ordinary service in English is being conducted on the first service on the fourth Sunday of the month for the last few years.  
  4. Mission Sunday: Mission Sunday has been observed in our parish on 31st July during the second service. Rev. Sudheer has delivered the sermon and shared his experiences in the mission field. A member of CSI Amaravial Rev. Sudheer is presently working as the in-charge of Odisha Mission Field of the CSI. The second service on the fifth Sunday of the month is being observed in our parish as Mission Sunday.