Official Website of CSI Parish Kattakada, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

Official Website of CSI Parish Kattakada, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala
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Welcome to the Official Website of CSI Kattakada

A parish is the epitome and symbol of Christian love and fellowship. It was the divine will to found this parish in the heart of a small town which is growing rapidly. Our church and the laity could exercise a great influence on all shades of life in the society we live. The present generation strives hard to uphold this heritage and hand it over to the posterity.    

The CSI Parish in Kattakada was established in 1846 by the pioneering missionary Rev. John Cox.  It is one of the biggest parishes in South Kerala Diocese with more than 650 families in its fold. 

    Over the years our Parish has served the society in many meaningful ways and has been a powerful instrument in social and educational development

News and Events




Birthday 3 June to 9 June


Sl. No Birthday Name House Name
1 03-Jun Mrs. Rajam Thara Bhavan
2 03-Jun Mr. Njanadas Lijo Bhavan
3 03-Jun Mr. Gangadaran Thakidipuram
4 03-Jun Mr. M J Selvanesan Ushus
5 03-Jun Mr. Selvaraj Thalackal Vilakam
6 04-Jun Smt. Kamalam Anil Bhavan
7 04-Jun Mr. Sunil Kollam Vilakam
8 04-Jun Dr. Bini G K Bhavan
9 05-Jun Mrs. Swarnamma Kollam Vilakam
10 05-Jun Mr. Achuthan Jose Chintha Bhavan
11 05-Jun Mr. Ratheesh Kumar Udayankuzhi
12 05-Jun Mr. Vijayadas Sheena Bhavan
13 05-Jun Mr. Ajin John Charivu Vila
14 05-Jun Smt. Sumathi Ayanivila
15 05-Jun Mr. Akhil Sunitha Bhavan
16 05-Jun Ms. Niya N Gladston Mahima
17 06-Jun Mrs. Sarojam Kottakuzhy
18 06-Jun Mr. Ratheesh Ananda Vilasam
19 06-Jun Mrs. Santhakumari Eben Ezer
20 06-Jun Mr. Satheesh Karicharavila
21 06-Jun Mr. Richard Joyson Bethel House
22 06-Jun Mr. Rakesh Raj Usha Bhavan
23 08-Jun Mr. Akarsh Keerthanam
24 08-Jun Mr. Amal Gileyad
25 08-Jun Mrs. Lilly Alex Bhavan
26 08-Jun Mr. Willsraj Sheena Bhavan
27 08-Jun Mr. Franklin Thachancode
28 08-Jun Mrs. Manju Jaya Bhavan
29 08-Jun Mr. Aneeshlin Gadlin Nivas
30 09-Jun Mrs. Selin George Kottakuzhy
31 09-Jun Mrs. Christal Bai Retnaprabha Mandiram
32 09-Jun Mr. Bose William Wills Bhavan