Official Website of CSI Parish Kattakada, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

Official Website of CSI Parish Kattakada, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala
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Endowment Funds


Various endowments have been initiated by many individuals or families of the parish in view of extending help to the poor and the needy. The amount accrued as interest to endowment fund is earmarked to meet the purpose, which has been designated by the person who contributes to the fund. The designated purposes generally fall into the following categories;

1. Education (scholarship or charity to be spent on the education)
2. Marriage assistance to the poor
3. Treatment of poor patients
4. To be spent on the mission fields according to the timely requirements

1. Education


Sl. No. Name of Endowment Amount Rs. Purpose
1 Dr. Boel William Memorial
4 Sh. Manas Teacher Memorial
5 Smt. Deepa Justin Endowment 10,000 To be awarded to the student who secures
  highest marks in Hindi in SSLC Exam
6 Sh. Deepsh Edwin Endowment 1,00,000 To be awarded to the students who pass
professional technical education
7 Sh. Joshua Ithiel Memorial
Endowment Fund
8 Smt. Omana Selvi & Sh. Suresh
Wilfred Memorial Endowment
9 Sh. Ribin Johns, Seena Endowment       20,000  
10 Dr. Asha W.K., Karunya Endowment 10,000  



2. Medical Aid


Sl. No Name of Endowment Amount Rs.
1 Parish Poor Fund 1,00,000
2 Sh. Timothios Deacon & Smt. Beatrice Memorial
3 Smt. Rosily Johnson Memorial Endowment 50,000
4 Smt. Sumangalabhai Teacher Endowment 1,00,000
5 Sh. Deavdasan Mestry & Smt. Kamalabhai Memorial
6 Sh. Azaria Deacon & Smt. Esily Memorial Endowment 10,000
7 Sh. Mikhael, Shaji Bhavan, Memorial Endowment 10,000
8 Sh. Sobhanadas, Kuzhalar Memorial Endowment 25,000
9 Rev. M. R. Sathyadas Prasad& Family Endowment 10,000
10 Sh. Sinkarajan Vaidyar & Smt. Nesamma, Kanthala
memorial Endowment
11 Sh. Baiju L S & Family, Prasanth, Endowment 25,000
12 Sh. Claranson Victor, Leela Cottage Memorial Endowment 5,000
13 Sh. Kochu Kunju and Smt. Rosamma Memorial Emdowment        25,000
14 Kum. Rakhi, Rakhi Bhavan Endowment 30,000


3. For Marriage Assistance


Sl. No.   Name of Endowment Amount Rs.
1 Sh. Y. Kunjan Teacher & Smt. Victoria Memorial
2 Dr. Boel William & Family Memorial Endowment 50,000
3 Sh. L. Johnson Manager Memorial Endowment 50,000
4 Sh. Daveed Deacon & Smt. Debora Memorial Endowment 25,000
5 Sh. Enos & Jessy, Kanthala Bungalow 10,000
6 Smt. Mercy Bhai, M.S. Cottage, Memorial Endowment 10,000
7 Sh. Thimatheos & Smt. Beatrees, Memorial Endowment              20,000
8 C E Y F 25,000

4. For Spresding the Gospel


Sl. No. Name of Endowment Amount Rs.
1 Smt. O V Sherly Sheeba Memorial Endowment 25,000
2 Sh. Chellayyan Sir, Roys Memorial Endowment 20,000
3 Sh. Bourne William &Smt. Gnana Deepam, Bethel Memorial Endowment        85,000
4 Smt. Marykutty Syrus, Paradise Memorial Endowment 25,000
5 Sh. J Danam & Smt Bai, Bethanipuram, Memorial Endowment 10,000
6 Smt. Agnes - Sh. Themathios &Smt. Beatrice Themathiose, Udayankuzhy 
Memorial Endowment
7 Sh. Yakob Deacon, Chamavila Memorial Endowment 10,000
8 Sh. George Alexander, Lal Bhavan Memorial Endowment 20,000
9 Sh. Selvanos Engineer, SR Bhavan, Muthiyavila Memorial Endowment 1,00,000
10 Sh. Yesudas, Smt. Joyce & Sh. Rajayyan Memorial Endowment 10,000
11 Dr. Vincy Deepesh, Kochu Bethel Endowment 25,000
12 Sh. Sukumaran & Family 10,000