Official Website of CSI Parish Kattakada, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

Official Website of CSI Parish Kattakada, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala
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Announcements & Activities from 10.02.2014 to 23.02.2014 

(For any enquiries, please contact Rev. T. Devaprasad – Mob: 9446265711 or Rev. S.K. Shaji John – Mob: 9446265711, country code-091)

1. Kattakada Taluk: Kattakada Taluk has officially come into being on 11.02.2014, when Shri. Oommen Chnady (Hon’ble Chief Minister, Kerala) inaugurated its functioning. Shri. G. Katrhikeyan (Hon’ble Speaker to Kerala Legislative Assembly) presided over the function. Shri. Adoor Prakash (Hon’ble Minister for Revenue, Kerala) issued the first certificate from the Taluk Office. Shri. V.S. Siva Kumar (Hon’ble Minister for Health, Kerala) also attended the function. Shri. N. Shakthan (Dy. Speaker to Kerala Legislative Assembly) rendered the welcome speech. Tens of thousands of people from Kattakada and the nearby Grama Panchayaths attended the function.

2. Rev. Vinod D. Sarasam: Rev. Vinod D. Sarasam visited our parish and attended the Sunday Service on 16.02.2014. He has also delivered the sermon. A member of our parish, Rev. Vinod works with the Methodist Church and is presently posted in Dadar parish near Mumbai.

3. Mission Sunday: The Mission Sunday has been observed under the aegis of the Board for Missions, CSI, South Kerala Diocese, on 23.02.2014. Smt. Santha Mohan (Retd. Teacher) visited our parish as the representative of the Board for Missions. She has explained the activities of the Board and  that of the missionaries sent by them to other states India. She has also stressed the importance giving for missionary activities. A door collection was conducted for supporting the activities of the Board.

4. Missionary Sponsors’ Meet: A meeting of our parish members who support various missionary activities will be held on 27.02.2014 in our parish church. A total of 13 missionaries are being sponsored by our parish in different parts of India at present. Some of them are sponsored by individuals or families belonging to our parish, while the others are supported out of the contributions made by our laity for this purpose. All the members of our parish support or sponsor missionaries in the above manner are requested to make it convenient to attend the function, without fail. Those who are willing to attend the meeting may please contact Smt. Rasilamma Edwin, our parish committee member or either of our Presbyters, in advance, so that necessary arrangements can be made.