Official Website of CSI Parish Kattakada, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

Official Website of CSI Parish Kattakada, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala
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Announcements & Activities for 13.04.2014 

(For any enquiries, please contact Rev. T. Devaprasad – Mob: 9446265711 or Rev. S.K. Shaji John – Mob: 9446265711, country ISD code-091)

1.     V.B.S. Concluded: Vocation Bible School (VBS), 2014 has been conducted successfully in our parish from 04.04.2014 to 13. 04.2014. Total 170 students and 17 teachers attended the VBS. Shri. Arun Prasad (Church Worker, CSI Idamala), Shri. Renjith, and Shri. Sujith (both CSI, Venganoor Town Church) were the directors. The 10 days’ programme gave stress to personality development of the students. Christian values and scriptures were taught through songs, actions songs,  stories and meditation. Shri. Sathya Raj T..L. was the director of the VBS this year. The theme of VBS this year was “We are Living Stones”.

2.     The concluding function of the VBS was conducted on 13. 04.2014 at TJM Hall, after the Sunday Service. The students presented various cultural programmes. The parents also were present among the audience.

3.     Palm Sunday: Palm Sunday was observed on 13.04.2014. A procession holding tender coconut leaves was conducted at 7..45 AM. The Sunday Service commenced as the procession entered the Church. Rev. Devaprasad and Rev. S.K.Shaji John led the procession, along with the committee members. The students of VBS took part in different parts of the service. Shri. Arun Prasad, VBS Director (Church Worker, CSI Idamala) delivered the sermon. 

  4.   Passion Week: The programmes of Passion Week this year:
i.     Passover: 17.04.2014 at 6.30 PM. Holy Eucharist will be conducted. Confirmation of new members to the holy sacrament will also be conducted along the service.
ii.     Good Friday: Morning service at 8.00 AM. Fasting prayer from 10.00 AM to 2.00 PM. Meditation from 2.30 P onwards.
iii.     Easter: Easter Message by CEYF from 2.00 AM onwards. Easter procession at 5.30 AM. Easter Service from 6.30 AM onwards.
All are requested to co-operate for the successful conduct of these programmes and attend them without fail.

5.     CEYF Project Work: The Christian Endeavour Youth Fellowship in our parish church has undertaken the project work of constructing a new house for a poor man. All are requested to make liberal donations to fulfil this venture to help a poor family in our parish.