Official Website of CSI Parish Kattakada, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

Official Website of CSI Parish Kattakada, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala
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Announcements & Activities as on 10.07.2016

For more information, please contact Rev. C.R. Vincent, Vicar (Mobile 9446850066) or Rev. Saji N. Stewart, Asst. Vicar (Mob. 8281620414). 


1. Grace Ministries: The Mission Centres and Ashrams started by the Nagpur-based Grace Ministries of India (GMI) have been handed over to CSI, South Kerala Diocese (SKD). Rev. Dr. D.J. Ajith Kumar is the founder of GMI. The first worship under the aegis of SKD at Kripa Ashram, Kattakada, which was taken over from the GMI, has been inaugurated on 9th July by Rt. Rev. A. Dharmaraj Rasalam (Bishop). It marked the commencement of Ashram Ministries after the Indian tradition, by our diocese. Rev. Dr. D.J. Ajith Kumar will continue to lead the ministries at Kripa Ashram, Kattakada.
A member of our parish, Rev. Dr.  Ajith Kumar is presently the chairman of Stewardship Committee of Church of North India (CNI), Fulbani Diocese in Odisha.
2. Theological Education Day: July 10 has been observed as Theological Education Day under the aegis of CSI, SKD. Rev. John Winslow (Faculty, Kerala United Theological College, Kannammoola, Trivandrum) and some theological students from the above college attended the Sunday Services. During the sermon, he has narrated the role of the above college in the field of theological education in Kerala. He has stated that the contributions from various parishes this year will be utilised for renovation of old buildings and improving basic amenities in the library and the hostel.
 Established in 1944, the KUTC caters to more than 150 theological students from various denominations such as CSI, Lutheran, Marthoma, Jacobite and orthodox churches. Those who wish to contribute to the above college may please contact our Presbyters.
3. Annual General Body (Thirusabha Yogam): This year’s Annual General Body (Thirusabha Yogam) will be held on 17th July, at 11.15 AM. All eligible members are requested to attend. Agenda: Budget for the year 2016-17.