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Official Website of CSI Parish Kattakada, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala
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Rev. R. Shibu



 I remember one of my senior seminary friends who had published an article in the seminary publication under the Malayalam title, yesu binamikalude rajav. Please don’t think that this is a copy of the article, but the content is the same.  When he wrote that article, I did not pay sufficient attention to that writing, but what that motivated me to scribble this piece is the unhealthy practice going on in any field.


Any field or any institution is not without competition or bribery and unhealthy practices irrespective of public or private sector. Money and favouritism or nepotism controls the secular and religious institutions. Those institutions supposed to provide charity so as to help the poor and the needy, are almost filled with unethical practices and love for money. They extract this money from the poor and the unprivileged. Judas broke relationship with Jesus for money. Jesus said, “You cannot serve God and Mammon simultaneously.”


Many industries accumulate money through exploiting the marginalised people. Millions of people are pulled down by modern competitive world promoted by capitalism and neoliberal policies, which have broke down traditional, rural open and sharing societies into closed urban non sharing communities. This is the same in the field of education also. Please refer my articles on the same in the Church News June and July 2014.


Why this happens…?


Everybody wants to fare in competition.


Education sector is a lobby. Even the most pious, religious and values (?) promoting edu-instititions have their own goons to preserve the vested interests of its topmost persons. Professional colleges devour cores of rupees from affluent as well as non affluent students. A lot of exploitation is being done to establish such institutions even at villages itself. The poor villagers are lured away to think that if they leave their property for these establishments, the prices of their plots would increase and hence bring development. There is hardly any truth in this statement.


What development they would bring to the inhabitants?!


The locals become only onlookers of the construction.


The authorities would bribe the local politicians and officials for the construction of the building.


They would engage workers from other States exploit their cheap labour and avoid local workers.


People lose their land, life and livelihood even though they get compensation for namesake. They will be displaced and hence lose their culture, identity and traditional gods, all of which have provided them a sense of belonging and being.


As a result of the increased land prices, the adjacent land becomes inaccessible to the locals. Such plots will be grabbed by the land mafia or binamis of the institutions. The Old Testament speaks the land should not be sold. The land is one of promise. Selling or taking away the land (even in the name of any development) means breaking the covenantal relationship with God. It is to remember that God doesn’t favour this. The land has to be redeemed at every fifty years in the year of Jubilee.


Jesus is the king of binamis or proxies ! Many Christian institutions bear the name of Jesus, the poor and the penniless man. Trillions of business is being done in the name of Jesus, who had nothing to pay even the temple tax! Under the cover-up of charity institutions, its leaders are cashing in money into real estate business, and accumulating apartments and flats. If Jesus was not born, crores of people would have been redundant. As a pastor and a Christian I do not disregard the role of Jesus in the history of Salvation. In the Medieval history, Martin Luther considered the accumulation of wealth as sin. The CSI Christians who follow a Calvinist stand in the first part of the succeeding statement. To him one can accumulate how wealth he/she wants, but the persons must have to be just in its usage. In essence we have neglected the latter part.    


In short, I would like to say that money will not give you comfort; it will disturb you; it will keep you away from God. So think about how to make money and how to spend it.